Solo Exhibit of Martin Honasan

9 June 2017 – 22 June 2017

ArtistSpace, Ayala Museum


ArtistSpace, in collaboration with Art Verite Gallery, present Pulô, the solo exhibition of visual artist Martin Honasan. Pulô showcases stark, and soulful portraits of the people of Culasi, Capiz, a provincial town by the sea, where Barbie Almabis (his wife) spent moments of her childhood and where her extended family resides. Overall, the curation of works is a synthesis of his reflections on the region’s unique people and culture, as well as his newfound realizations on the tie that binds – that is marriage.

Pulô also introduces Honasan’s latest innovation in painting, a genre that he can truly call his own – symbolic immersion. In this painting style, the artist allows uncontrolled forces of nature to react and participate in his art process of figuration. The opportunity to experiment with this style came about during his family trip to Culasi, where the artist allowed sea, sand and air to interact with his twenty feet of canvas. The effect of which is a weathering of the canvas, a tangible proof of the material’s immersion in the region, in the most literal sense.

 Like his material, Honasan immersed in the region and realized that the people and kins of his wife – who are now his own – are no different from him in mind and spirit. Moreover, he discovered that no matter how distant an island (pulo) can be from his birthplace, he can find a home in a strange land, only by embracing it as his own. Luckily, in Honasan’s case, he found a home in Culasi, with his wife’s kinsfolks and people – his newfound family.



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