Filter Falter

Art Verité is proud to present Filter/Falter, Ferdinand Treasure Riotoc’s much-awaited second solo exhibition on Sunday, October 8 at six o’clock in the evening. The artist uses his proficiency in photo manipulation and translates it into oil on canvas while layering resin, paint drippings and transparencies on glass. Riotoc’s fascination with using mundane objects as subjects of his work reflects society’s obsession with materialism and the various symbols that they represent. As we each have our own set of filters in seeing the world around us, whether rose-colored or tinted with gloom, we often falter in decisions as our personal biases cloud our judgment. The artist’s pieces are subtle reminders of the clarity that what we should keep in mind as we go about our daily lives.

Ferdinand Treasure Riotoc was one of the Semifinalists of the 2014 Metrobank Art & Design Excellence art competition. He was also hailed as one of the Finalists of the 2008 Art Association of the Philippines annual painting competition and UNP Parangal Awardee in 2004. As a University of Northern Philippines Fine Arts student, he represented his school in several PLDT-DPC Visual Art National Competitions, and won as Semifinalist in Art Petron in 2003. Filter/Falter will be on show until October 22. For details, email, call 915-1982, visit or find Art Verité in Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.



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