Emmanuel Garibay | Elmer Borlongan | Guerrero habulan | Joven Mansit | Plet Bolipata

March 23 - April 1, 2022




Kontrapunto, organized by Art Verité for Art Fair Philippines, presents fresh iterations of and engagements with Social Realism, this time tackling contemporary themes such as the pandemic, capitalist power relations, and the emergence of new imperialist forces. As lightning rods of the times, the artists fiercely articulate what’s happening on the ground, investigating it through a lens sharp in its exposure to all manners of injustice. Rather than employing discursive iconography, the featured works rupture the pictorial space with figurations marked by distortion, juxtaposition, and appropriation, allowing for a multiplicity of readings and new visual narratives. Humor is an ever-present element,
ennobling the figures populating the paintings in their everyday struggle and common courage. Bristling with vernacular imagery and crackling energy, Kontrapunto underscores how Filipino artists are ever vigilant in responding to the urgency of the moment and reckless in troubling the conscience of those in power.


Curated by Carlomar Anglo Daoana