Jayvee David & Jett Osian

April 22 - May 4, 2017

About the Exhibit

by Jayvee David & Jett Osian

Agitated thoughts in a restless mind like a raging tempest across a gulf deprive the sailor of an escape. Anxiety shackles the self into submission, and likewise, reflection gives rise to feelings of unrest. Weaknesses that are inherent to human nature are given a personal exposition by the artists as their work initiates conversation on the tumultuous sensations that give rise to disturbances in the psyche.

Femininity stands as one such vulnerability that is explored through a dialogue on perspective. Images that depict a one sided view of the female persona shows frailty that is yet hurdled by a boldness that can be owed to acceptance. Appropriating sensations that obstruct and turning them into inspiration, finding activities to preoccupy the mind and distract from the discomfort. Anxiety and panic coalesce into a physical constraint and true relief can only be found within the self.

​A reminiscence of a correspondence, that has been slowly drifting apart drives a preoccupation that becomes another vulnerability. The loss of habituation gnaws at the edges of the mind until it takes over conscious thought and overwhelms. Looking to return to what was lost, takes precedence over other endeavors, toppling social norms that have been acclimated. The trivial then becomes a coping mechanism to emotional turbulence, understanding what needs to be done yet being unable to move forward.

AMUSEMENTS & DISTRACTIONS is an intimate account that unveils the grueling exertion toward productivity from wrestling with a restless consciousness, an active attempt at adapting to vulnerabilities and compos mentis.

Exhibit will run until May 4, 2017
at Art Verite Gallery