Lawrence Cervantes | Aldron Achinges | Efren Carpio | Julius Villarete | Joen Sudlon | Sam Penaso | Pogi Rodriguez | Alvin Florentino | Kokoy Dela Cruz | Tony Mercado | Bert Caballero | Paulo Tria

July 30 - August 10, 2017

In the continuous tug-of-war to gain more power, how do social forces climb the ladder to domination?

Investigating the many forms by which hierarchies are shaped, the works presented in “Domination” examine how myths are played to spawn identities that increase power asymmetry and preserve supremacy. While creating a greater contrast between the ruler and the follower, justifications of social dominance concurrently attract the resistance of a ‘black sheep’ against the herd, resulting to rebellion and power struggle.

Featuring the works of twelve artists, “Domination” examines the ambiguities of power, the deceptive relationship between the oppressor and oppressed, and the fragile foundations on which dominions have been built.


by Dianne Rosario