Fourth Dimension

Ramon Orlina

February 15- February 19, 2017

Fourth Dimension by Ramon Orlina

Art Verité is proud to present Ramon Orlina, undoubtedly one of the most important Filipino sculptors working today and the foremost practitioner in the medium of glass, for Art Fair Philippines. In this solo exhibition, Fourth Dimension, Orlina presents a summary of some of his most enduring forms—from his nudes to his abstractions—as well as the philosophy that crystallizes them. While his sculptures may have an apparent front and back, we have access through the interiority of the work, allowing us to appreciate its other, multifaceted sides, registering as a total and complete expression from any vantage point. When we move around his work, we see the sinuous curves and planar surfaces changing before our eyes, manipulating the light, all the while radiating a glow that depends upon the coloration of glass—from deep amber, to his famous liquid green, to an intense kind of blue. No other artist has given us, for more than four decades, a luminous vision of what the artist’s eye, hand, mind, and heart can do: a body of work that encapsulates the animating fire, the soaring spirit, the inextinguishable part of humanity.