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Archimedes Cruzado, Richard del Rosario, Jordan Hernandez, Lotsu Manes, Joejene Santos, Alberto Villavert III

February 18 - March 1, 2018

Tatlong Sulok was a student art organization based at the Philippine Women’s University. Eight award winning Fine Arts students formed it in 1994. United with a common goal for the advancement of the arts and development of each member through involvement in the Philippine art scene. The group was commissioned by the university to do a series of murals depicting its history. The murals are proudly displayed at the main hall of the university.

Buklod is a sentimental word. It was a musical band that served as one of our creative inspirations during our college days. After a decade of self- discovery, we come at a crossroad where art is calling us once again. This is a reunion show that celebrates friendship and arts. Despite paths taken, art is the one thing that bond us together- Tatlong Sulok.