Art Verité

Art Verité Gallery has been a home for various local artists in the Philippines since 1998. Art Verité Gallery specializes in Philippine Contemporary and Modern Art. Alongside promoting its core of renowned and most celebrated artists and artwork collections, the gallery is known for actively seeking out promising talents within and outside of the country. 

Located at the heart of Bonifacio Global City, Art Verité Gallery is managed by a passionate team dedicated to the arts. The gallery remains committed to its founding ideal – to explore the diverse aesthetic and cultural systems of Southeast Asia and beyond through art. Art Verité bridges the gap between artist and art appreciator by cultivating a close relationship with the artists we work with.

Over the years, the gallery has collaborated with an extensive network of contacts and resources which include museums, corporate institutions, and private art collectors. The gallery also provides advisory services to both corporate and private collectors.

The Gallery hosts regular exhibitions. Continuing to raise the standard of art appreciation, Art Verité Gallery is today one of Manila’s leading art galleries.

The gallery hosts regular exhibitions to continue the celebration of art and to keep raising the standard of art appreciation. Today, Art Verité is honored to be one of Manila’s leading art galleries.